Sunday, July 12, 2009

Long Time, No Write

I'm sorry for the delay in my latest post...My mum has been visiting from the UK and I kind of got caught up in all the things you have to do when someone is here.

But, here's a brief rundown in the life of the crazy lady with the miscarriage addiction!

First off, the new doc was really great. I went, I got tested here, there and everywhere and, by some point this week we will know if there are any chromosomal problems between me and Dr. Z.
I am also grateful for the fact that his nurses help, call back and generally make you feel like they have a clue what is going on in my insides.
Also, this new doc feels I am not a hopeless case and, in fact, am probably not too bad in the scheme of things....just keeping those little suckers in there is what we have to concentrate on.

The two major problems this month have been my teeth and the product inside me which refused to budge.

The toofs have been really getting me down of late - thanks not being great at cleaning in the 1980's (said to myself)....I now have more fillings than a French bakery and a lot of pain.
I had one root canal two weeks' ago and now I have to have another. In the tooth right next to it. Living on Ibuprofen is no joke. Though it could be a good hit for Bon Jovi as they approach their older years. So, I have to go in on Tuesday to see my lovely endodontist who will hopefully put an end to my misery. I asked one of the technicians in his office if I could have them all out and dentures...ha ha ha. I love to pull a leg or two.

The product inside...ahhh how I love the word "product". Basically it means that there was still a little of the miscarriage inside me, just hanging around and keeping those pesky hormone levels up. The lovely new doc suggested Misoprostol (remember that? It is the vaginally inserted pill that gives contractions?) to clean out my insides.

So, I took it last Thursday and, woke last Friday, went to the loo, felt weird and passed out, sitting on the toilet, onto Dr Z's (ample) belly. Twice. Ahh, the thrills, the spills. Then the painkillers had me vomiting all day long. So, it was a truly delightful experience all round. Thank God my mum was here to take care of me...And dogs to look at me all day.

The really great part of all this is that my period started on Tuesday, so, I will be back at the doc's on Tuesday for a check and possibly another saline what's it. Then, it's back to town to get the tooth seen to. Now, I'm wondering if it will all be a bit too much in one day....

Whatever happens, we should be back to thinking about horsing around in the next few weeks.