Monday, September 7, 2009

Going Away

Today is the day before I go home back to England for two weeks...
I finally decided to go about two weeks' ago when I had just about had enough with the whole back and forth to the baby doctor.

I feel like I need a break from the endless cycle of blood tests and waiting. I need fish and chips and curry sauce, Indian food, Coronation Street (a TV soap) and a laugh with my friends like I get in England. And, while I love, love, LOVE my life in LA, sometimes you just gotta get back to the old 'hood.

The period STILL hasn't come. At this point I have forgotten what a period is. It is over three months since I had one.
The Methotrexate seemed to do its job. I bled for about two weeks on and off. Now it's just another waiting game. Might as well do it in the rain and cold than in 100 degree heat, right?

Plus, I have changed doctor - AGAIN. While my last doc was fabbo, driving 40 miles there and back on the 405 and 101 (for the uninitiated trying to get around on these two freeways makes navigating the lower rings of Dante's inferno look like bumper cars at the fair) was getting too much. Doc 4 is in nicely civilized Bev Hills....Very powsh as we say in Stockport.

As always, the other parts of my life are going great. I just signed a new client - go Isenberg PR! She's a celeb with a lot of expertise in helping women in the infertility field. Intriguing hmmmm?? Watch out for some cool info on her in the coming months....

I have also joined a running club. I realized that my true love is still running, even though I've been doing it since I was nine, so I signed up for a club and we practice every week - typical that I am off to England as soon as I start. But, I will be running there and loving the fact that I don't have third degree sunburn when I get back.

And today is Labor Day - so we get a day off! Except Dr Z does not and I will be eating a steak and some corn without him for a bit. Roll on the barbeque!

So I think Cramper may be on hiatus for a little while.....keep checking in but Dr. Z and I have decided that a wait is probably on the cards. After three miscarriages in less than a year and a bunch of other complications, I feel my body needs to rest and get back to as normal as possible.

Love you.