Thursday, February 5, 2009

New Year, New Me (in February)

So welcome to my world of trying again Part II. The new, improved me.

I am definitely feeling the funk lift and I am now back on the horse in a big way. Obviously it took me a couple of months to recover and now life is moving full-steam towards trying again.

As I said last time, this does not come without a HUGE dose of reality, caution and doing all the right things.

First off, getting health(ier).

I had a check up with doc about whacking my head and all is good. All I really need to do is shed 10-20 lbs and I will be a happy girl.

I plan to visit a new therapist to talk about fertility, losing dot and the rest.

I am starting acupuncture again.

Exercise. While I am a runner by nature, I am having to vary it a bit. I am going back to the gym for weights (ugh! not a fan of the gym!) Obviously, the girls and hiking is way more my cup of tea. 

Supplements. I am taking my pre-natals, calcium and magnesium.

Sleep. I am trying to get a full night's rest - not easy but trying!

Fluids. I am drinking a ton of water, Teeccino (of course for the potassium and because caffeine is a no no) and herbal teas.

Brain. Reading up and working on herbal coffee is keeping me fascinated and informed at the same time. I am learning so much. I love this part of my job. I also love discovering a whole world of new publications to approach. I am currently ploughing my way through a ton of magazines. 

Friends. I am making a more concerted effort to connect with friends since the dot went away. 

All in all, new year's resolutions came in February. Not too bad!

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Lisa said...

I'm glad to hear the fog is starting to lift. Sounds like you've got a fabulous plan!

Confession: When I read your blog I can hear an English accent. I love the English slang, humor, culture, history and writers. (I workout to Mel B's fitness video because I love her accent.) Am hoping to someday visit England. Am dying to see Beatrix Potter's place as well as Jane Austen's. And drink at a pub. :-)

Are you a fan of Shameless? And was LA a culture shock for you?