Monday, March 16, 2009

New News On my Uterus

So Zaius and I are in for a penny - a pretty penny at that, which could mean we are in for a pound - and hopefully more than a few pounds of baby.

I hope that was sufficiently opaque a beginning for you this week. I like to start out strange and rush to the end - says a lot about me and my life, right?

Well, to make things slightly more clear, here is where we are up to on the baby path. Z and I wen today to see famous Dr B the baby wonder-doc and he spelled out the situation and the recipe for baking a full-term bun in the oven.

First off, I have a hysteroscopy. I am starting to see a link between women and words beginning in wonder we lose it. That means clearing up the polyps, or whatever is making my uterus unfriendly to pregnancies. This operation also means being knocked out and cleaned out to create a lovely, fresh, clean environment for any potential babies. Think of it as making the bed after more weeks than you care to mention and then getting in it and falling straight to sleep. Though, I am sure that doesn't help.

Following the hystericaloscopy, which I am hoping will take place this week, I then have large doses of Estrogen and Progesterone that will see me up to my cycle. Then, I start on Lovanox in case my blood needs to be thinned (think shots into any one of my fatty areas - I get to choose!); pills - Prednisone - twice a day;  Folic Acid; baby aspirin and last, but not least, prenatal vitamins.  

At some point in all this shenanagins we will be told - yes, told - when we can have sex. What a romantic date that will be!

But, with a hope, a prayer and all the other ingredients, we may finally, finally, have a baby!


madeline40 said...
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madeline40 said...

Hi, Lizzie,

Let me know if you want or need me to be with you for your hysterical procedure this week -- I'll gladly take a sick day off to be with you. I've had one of those and the best part is you're sleeping throughout.
This is the first step in your long hard project -- but in the end it will be well worth it.
I love you -- your mum in LA