Tuesday, April 28, 2009

And Breathe....

Ha ha ha, the universe was listening. So, the day after that post I got my period. Figures. I go to see Dr. B and drop almost $200 and next day? Of COURSE, the period starts. But, I have to say I was pretty darned happy to see it turn up.

Never in my life, except maybe a few, frantic days in my youth when the big P was a little shy to arrive, have I ever waited so impatiently for something. And that is saying something as the good Dr. Zaius will tell any one of you. Repeatedly. If you ever come to our house.

So, since the arrive of big P, things are most certainly looking up. I immediately phoned Dr. B (seriously, the amount of doctor's in my life - real and imaginary - is getting a little out of hand), and woke him up I think. Dr. B said, great, great make an appointment for Saturday. That's right. This is why my doc is better than all the rest. I mean, who gets to see their OB-GYN on Saturday for heaven's sake?

Saturday comes and I am raring to go. Dr. Z is working in the afternoon, but can take me to see the real doc. He checks me out, likes what he sees. The follicle or cyst is diminishing so I am happy about that as it means I am on my way to ovulating again.

Just as an aside. Could the words follicle and cyst BE more complicated if they tried? Isn't a follicle something to do with  your hair? Aren't cysts nasty growths on your head? (ask Dr. Z about THAT some day). The whole follicle/cyst debate will rage in my head for a long time. Basically they are the same thing. Only a follicle is what grows in the ovary to be released as an egg. Though it is also called a cyst. Okay, I give up. The main thing we need to know is that when I saw Dr. B for the expensive, unnecessary visit, he saw that my period was on the verge and that I had a cyst that needed to go away before it would come. When I arrived two days' later, the period HAD come, and the cyst was much smaller. Which is a good thing.

So, now here I am at Dr B's being told many, many good things.

Good Thing number 1
I am back to being "regular" in my cycle

Good Thing number 2 
Z and I are on the way to trying again. I have to go back next Wednesday (May 6th) to check that I am about to ovulate

Good Thing number 3
Once the ovulation is a green light, I get a shot, we try on nights 7, 8, 9 (and 10 for good measure)

Good Thing number 4
This will all be checked by Dr. B

Good Thing number 5
If it all works to plan we might - just might - just please, please, please, please, pleeeeeaaaasssse, be on the way to a baby.

And then we will have world peace.

Or at least I will have a new set of things to worry about.
And I am now trying to relax, which, for those of you who know me really well, is hilarious. I am currently trying to work part time - 7am to 3pm is NOT part time by the way. The way that I do this is to work in the mornings until lunch time, take the dogs out, get home, check email a few million times and then go down stairs and try to force myself to watch something on TV. Only I get irritated with the commercials and my mind starts to wander. OR the dogs want love, or I start to think of all the things I should be doing but am not.

Then I start to guilt myself about not having more clients. Or searching for them. I start to want to work. So, eventually, I get up, go back to the computer and start to work again, or look for work or do something at least.

If anyone has a great way to relax for mums-to-almost-be then please let me know. Because the waiting is killing me, and if that doesn't do it, the stress will.

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