Thursday, April 23, 2009

Life On Hold

It has been ages since my last post, but there have been two major reasons for this. Let me explain:
First, I had a hysteroscopy and the fab doc found it was covered in fibroids that had to be scraped off to give my uterus a face lift - if that isn't mixing my body parts up too much.
The best part about the whole affair was that my beautiful nurse Betsie was there to hold my hand and to giggle with me before and after. She took down my particulars (oooh, nurse - that's for the Brits btw) and asked me if I had "evacuated", I thought she asked if I had farted and said, "nooo of course not!"

After the op I came round, saw the lovely Nurse B and promptly burst into tears. Z came to get me and they wheel chaired me out.

Second reason: That was the last time I had a period.

So since March 20th I have basically been waiting for my flowers (that's for Zach) and nothing is happening. I keep getting the signs and then...nothing. It's like thinking you are going to sneeze and then nothing happens. So disappointing.

I just keep waiting and waiting and waiting. Which for me is like torture as it is. I mean, I don't go in a shop if I have to wait to be served so I guess this is the universe trying to teach me something about patience. It isn't working universe. Now I am just totally pissed off.

So, I have bugged Dr B enough now to warrant me going in. I want to know when this bloody period is going to happen or I will lose my mind.

I am so tired and over this, now. If I had kept the first baby all those months ago, it would be born next month.

Oh, and I really want to tell the baby food makers, diaper companies and every other baby-related consumer goods company to STOP sending me stuff. Enough already.


Andrea said...

Thinking of you lovely...

madeline40 said...

I can totally relate. I still think how old my child would be now if I hadn't had a miscarriage back in 1963. Those kind of thoughts never end. You just have to accept them and move on.
I feel for you, and you know how much I love you.