Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Where Have I Been? Or More Importantly, Who Have I Been

It's been a long, long time friends. And I mean a long long time. Judging from my profile picture I am sure you have probably guessed. Yup, I had a baby.
From my last post to now is going to take some catching up on but let it be known that Dr. Z and I became parents in August to a baby boy. What a difference a year makes, as the old saying goes.

I have not checked the blog in a long time too. When I found out I was pregnant I went into that place that I think many people who have problems getting (or staying) there go. I got superstitious. I was scared, I admit it. I went into a place that meant I was fearful to read what I had written, afraid of what had happened over the last year or so. I just couldn't look at the pain, the grief, the lows that just couldn't get any lower.

To recap. And it will need more than just a recap, I promise, but to recap, Dr. Z and I started the adoption process, and we got pregnant. The classic scenario I hear. But apparently that is all a myth. I found out on December 14th. A day I will never forget. I peed on a stick and there it was - a big, bold line telling me what I wanted to see. And then I got petrified. I didn't sleep, I didn't eat, I couldn't do anything.

I had also changed doctor's and was now at the more accessible Beverly Hills with another amazing, wonderful specialist who ran tests and got me back on the protocol we used before.

But to be brief, there it was, the dark line telling me what I wanted to know. And now, lying in a little crib close by, right now, there's a little guy telling me he's hungry.

It feels great to be back. Things are gonna be different around here.


Chicken Julie said...

Much love and a big mazel tov to you. I hope to meet your sweetie boy soon.

Elizabeth said...

Hi there,
I'm nervous to be back as I hadn't checked in on the blog for almost a year.

I will check your blog out, too.

Thanks for your support!

Janis said...

Elizabeth, I love reading your blog and think you should seriously think about writing a book - you have a real talent for capturing the heart.

Love you.


Dawne Herbert Withers A.K.A. Chigrrl330 said...

You're truly an amazing and remarkable woman Lizzy and I am proud and honor'd to be your friend. xoxo Dawne

verdesita said...

Welcome back Love you