Thursday, November 20, 2008

A Note on Spa-ing

I just wanted to say here that I am a big fan of the spa. For any woman who goes through a miscarriage, I say, get yourself to a place that is quiet, comfy and has nice smells, nice people and nice plinky plonky music.

I know it is expensive but think of it this way: You've just lost something you can't put a price on so, go and have yourself looked after.

Another side note. I found out that going in hot tubs is NOT a good idea until after the m/c is completely over. Once it is, get in there and get whooshing about. It is about making yourself feel better and feel healed. Anything natural and nurturing will make you feel so much better.

I REALLY recommend the Beverly Hot Springs (if you are in LA). It is affordable ($30 to use the facilities) and they have fabulous body scrubs and body work all done by the ladies in black who run out, get you on a table and scrub you down all the while wearing nothing more than black bra and panties. It is awesome. Not only that but they wash your hair.

Have you any idea how good it feels to have your hair washed by a small, Korean lady while being scrubbed down on a table with hot spring water? You should. It is the biz.

You can call them on (323) 734 7000. Mr Kim gives a rocking hard-core shiatsu massage too. It is on Oxford in Korea Town. I plan to go there again soon. This is the only natural hot spring in LA and it is rarely packed.

If you prefer something a little more, serene, try Burke Williams. I love it there too, but I have a real affinity with the ladies in black and the scrub down.

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